According to the aau's 2014 campus climate survey, in a single year at Harvard, 12% of straight female undergraduates, 17.9% of LGBTQ female undergraduates, and 10.9% of LGBTQ male undergraduates experienced some form of sexual assault. 73% of female undergrads and 51% of male undergrads experienced harassment. 

On Thursday, May 26th, during commencement ceremonies, seniors are wearing red tape on their graduation caps in order to: 

1. Stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence who are graduating today, as well as with those who are not able to do so.

2. Demand that Harvard be proactive in creating a safer campus in which cases of sexual assault are treated justly by the administration.

3. Send a message of support to survivors and student activists at our peer institutions like Columbia and Brown who have also demonstrated their commitment to survivors during their commencement ceremonies.